Lanai – Big Views on the Little Isle


Lanai, a small island forming part of Maui County is little more than 18 miles at it’s longest width and a small population of just over 3,000 with only one city. And my oh my does it pack a punch in big views.

I and @earthXplorer took part in a super adventure to take in some of these views. A UTV ride up the trail to the island’s highest point! Please do not let this pic by JD scare ya 😀 It is a blast, even when I, the Brit was driving 😀

Lanai - Big Views on the Little Isle

Up the track you go, through pine woods and out into openings that bring breathtaking views. Mile after mile of wheel spinning in the sand, catching the air and stopping regularly to be left jaw ajar by views. The guides have such a passion for the journey and the island. Every corner and view has a story that can be attached to it. From the islands massive history as a pineapple plantation the legends of the landscape through to George Munro and his impact on the land.

Lanai - Big Views on the Little Isle Lanai - Big Views on the Little Isle

Eventually, there you are, parked at the top of Lanai Hale, the islands highest point. Looking out over the ocean to Maui, Molokai and many more of the Hawaiian islands. A spectacle that just has to be taken in first hand. Beautiful, quiet, alone, feeling happily small.

Lanai - Big Views on the Little Isle Lanai - Big Views on the Little Isle Lanai - Big Views on the Little Isle Lanai - Big Views on the Little Isle

This drive and views showed the beauty from above on Lanai, we could not wait to get out exploring the coast and land below……..

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