Mont Blanc Training – Down to the Ice


Back to the mountains :) And a great one ahead. Here I am in Chamonix, France for a plan to climb to the summit of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe standing at 4810 m (15781 ft). That is the goal for the end of the week and great to be back on the mountain trail, but first.. lets go training!

Mont Blanc Training Ice

First day today, up to Mer de Glace, a huge glacier cutting down from the Mont Blanc range. A magnificent sight to see in itself. Then you see, over the last few hundred years the glacier has got lower and lower and lower. The path though still stops in the original old position, that means….. the ladder network taking you all the way down to the ice. Got a head for heights? Hold on :)

Mont Blanc Training Ice Mont Blanc Training Ice

After the excitement of that the ice training began. Crampons on, ice axes out and a couple of hours getting back in the groove of using them properly. Kicking ice, slipping on ice, getting stuck into the ice. The feet soon get used to it.

Mont Blanc Training Ice Mont Blanc Training Ice

Then it was time for the ropes to come out, Absiling down slowly into large cracks of the glacier. Then climbing back up using the axes as your hands to grip. Fun! Our great guide, Bernard (This trip is organised through Exodus) taking great delight in peoples nervousness 😉

Mont Blanc Training Ice Mont Blanc Training Ice

After a few hours alas it was time to head back and you know what that meant……. Back all the way up the ladders….. Adrenalin time!

Mont Blanc Training Ice

For the next 2 days we will be higher up on another glacier acclimatising, training and taking on other summits in preperation for the big one later in the week. Lets go!

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