Panoramas Above Dartmoor

Panoramas Above Dartmoor

When out on my hikes, climbs I try to describe what I see and feel as best I can. Photography helps but as I sit alone looking out and down from wherever I am a single picture does not tell the tale of emotions and feeling. I love my hobby and love to encourage others. No matter how high, the beauty and escapism of it all is something that I cherish with each climb regardless of wherever in the world I am. To show a little more here are some all round views I got on Dartmoor, I hope it shows a bit more icon smile Panoramas Above Dartmoor

dartmoor small Panoramas Above Dartmoor


Watch the 360 panorama here >> Dartmoor areal view in England

Quite a remarkable place to be! This Tor is on the edge of Dartmoor so brings a unique view one way over the moors and tors but also in other directions a wonderful view out across the county and beyond. An extra dimension is that fact that perched on its top is the Church of St Michael. This little church from the 13th century is used to this day and is full of history, legend and architecture. Lots of information here.

P1020232 Panoramas Above Dartmoor

Bellever Tor

Watch the 360 panorama here >> UK Dartmoor Bellever Tor Panorama in England

On my last post (Treading Tors) I took you on a hike up Bellever Tor and beyond to more. I tried to show the views on the go via twitter but wanted to show the full view where I paused and stopped for reflection and peace. Bellever Tor is right in the heart of Dartmoor and I am sure you agree the view provides for all. Any walk around here will bring you upon ancient stone circles and burial mounds, forests, tracks in all directions to take your whim. The famous ponies run around here in numbers also.

dartmoor1 1061 Panoramas Above Dartmoor

I hope these show what I enjoyed a little better, thank you so much for joining me on my journeys.



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