Guernsey Day 5 – Coasteering, Green Lanes and Goodbyes


Well, time flies when you are having fun and even though this is an island where you can drive to any part of from any part within 20 minutes, I have left wanting to come back and do lots more. What a great final day too! Starting with adrenalin and action, in the sea. On Day 4 I hiked along the top of cliffs of the south coast but this morning….. Coasteering along the rocks at their feet. Seeing the coast in a new perspective along the way.

I had never done coasteering before and always willing to try a new adventure for the first time. Under the expert and great guidance from Ant (My photographer for the morning too) at Outdoor Guernsey (Twitter: @OutdoorGuernsey) we were off! In at the deep end so to say. Stood at the top of a rock looking down into the swirling sea below it was case of……… jump!

Guernsey - Coasteering, Green Lanes and Goodbyes

Woohoo, then off we went around some coastline. Swimming in the tide, climbing rocks, and of course enjoying avoiding rocks too :) The jumps got higher, the sea got rougher but the enjoyment never ceases. It is quite honestly a great blast. Scrambling, climbing, cave exploring, swimming around rocks. All with fantastic views. Fantastic.

Guernsey - Coasteering, Green Lanes and Goodbyes Guernsey - Coasteering, Green Lanes and Goodbyes Guernsey - Coasteering, Green Lanes and Goodbyes

After that I had a couple of hours before my flight home so took the opportunity to explore more of the middle of Guernsey. As well as the few roads criss crossing the island there are what they call ‘green lanes’ throughout. Narrow roads that have a 15 mph speed limit and horseriders, pedestrians and cyclists have priority. The world opens up to a see of green. Flowers everywhere, little beautiful hamlets in little corners, a beautiful way to see life here.

Guernsey - Coasteering, Green Lanes and Goodbyes Guernsey - Coasteering, Green Lanes and Goodbyes Guernsey - Coasteering, Green Lanes and Goodbyes

And so, it was time to sadly say goodbye to Guernsey and I waved goodbye to Jane and David at the lovely guest house (La Roche) where I stayed. 2 of many great friends I have made during my stay here.

Guernsey - Coasteering, Green Lanes and Goodbyes

I have so much still to tell you over future days about this great island and things to do/see. I really look forward to reminiscing. Thanks so much to all who followed this journey. I really recommend you put it on your places to see and wander list.

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