Time and Time again I enter the Twitter stream and see photographs taken purely for their love of that special place they are at or as a hobby. I was struck the other day when I came across some photographs of the coast of Cornwall, south west England. Gorgeous and natural and looked like they captured true tranquil moments on the trails of @laurenameliaw. Now then Cornwall, I confess, I have not visited enough much to my regret so I asked if Lauren would kindly show you some of this little corner of Britain herself.

From the desk and camera of Lauren Williams……..

When Paul asked me to share some photos from what I consider to be the most beautiful place in Britain I of course jumped at the chance! I am honoured to be able to share my little Cornish life with the rest of you. Thank you Paul, for thinking my photos are good enough to showcase!

My love for Cornwall is what inspired my love for photography. Cornwall is a magical place that changes every minute of every day if you find the time to stop and watch. One minute it’s warm enough to be lounging on the beach in shorts and a bikini top, the next you’re swallowed in mist with sight shortened to the end of your arm – a sensation that is hard to capture on camera.

To me, Cornwall is at its most beautiful in the winter; waves crashing, bruised skies and a flask of hot choc keeping you warm while the waves crash over the car. No tourists, no people – just the elements.

Cornwall has the ability to transform you to the Med. Porthcurno beach does this to me. The Minack Theatre sits in the rugged cliffs above a beach that is far from Cornwall.

I call myself a journalist and I’m struggling to find the words to describe how Cornwall engulfs you and always calls you back from the most exotic and far off corners of the earth.

This is Cornwall.