For 12 years of my life I lived in Germany and treat the country with great affection. A huge country with a massive variety of terrains, cultures and activities. As a hiker it was so exciting to get any time off to explore as much as possible from the Hartz to the Alps.  On Twitter there is one adventurer/photographer in Germany that really captures what I enjoy, a love of the sights around her and getting out on a trail. She tweets in English as @NiniBaseema and also tweets in her own country’s tongue at @Knaatschtante. I thought it would be wonderful if she showed us the German Alps in her own words and pictures…

From the desk of Nini Baseema….

TheAlpes_Pano_730 The Alps of Germany and Flying High

Living with a most passionate paraglider pilot has certainly shaped my holiday experiences in the past decade. One of the things I enjoyed most about traveling along is that the best paragliding spots usually come with the most gorgeous formations of nature you can imagine and not seldom are they connected to very idyllic hiking trails! Germany has many inviting spots that offer the chance to do both: Hiking and paragliding.

Some of the most popular locations can be found in Bavaria such as the famous “South Eastern Bavarian Jakobsweg” (Way of St. James), a trail that is in total about 400 kilometers long (but can of course be explored in smaller parts too) and leads right into the Alps.

TheAlpes_1_730 The Alps of Germany and Flying High

Bavaria is located in the South Eastern part of Germany, right at the border to Austria and Switzerland:  A region, I would recommend to anyone who likes mountains, hiking and a good strong beer! Here are some quick geographical facts about the Alps themselves to get a better idea: The Alps are one of the greatest mountain range systems of Europe, stretching from Austria and Slovenia in the east through Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany to France in the west. The German Alps are not as high as the equivalent parts in France or Austria for example, but they make up with an equally beautiful natural scenery and a number of fascinating palaces, castles, monasteries, and fortresses that shape the area’s unique face.

TheAlpes_2_730 The Alps of Germany and Flying High

The regional tourist information offices readily offer detailed information about the best hiking trips of the area and for those that would like to give paragliding or hang gliding a go – most schools are known to the tourist offices and they also know which of them offer tandem flights at short notice and when the next general classes start! (For your general information: In Germany para or hang gliders need a certified pilot license in order to be allowed to fly, the respective schools do know the exact requirements. In Austria the regulations are similarly strict).

TheAlpes_4_730 The Alps of Germany and Flying High