What A Beautiful World You Live In!


In my Twitterstream every day I see some gorgeous photos you have taken around the world. Sometimes it feels such a waste to see them fly by in an instant.

The idea came to put some of your favourite pics you have taken where you live and to put them together with a Twitter Singup. Can I say a huge thank you to all the singers who brighten the day as always.  And for those of you that sent photos can I thank you so much for the wonderful sights you have given. Makes me want to explore every corner of the globe.

So…. here is the result of your wonderful efforts:

(oh.. and if you want to join in the next Singup.. just let me know) 😉


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  1. Robert Bell

    A brilliant achievement! Thank you, Paul! This would be very useful on a permanent loop in the United Nations building.

  2. Kathleen Crossley

    What a wonderful world indeed Paul ! And what a wonderful idea this was ! I loved the photos, and seeing a few twitter friends up close and personal was great !. :) Everyone was amazing ! … just "Beautiful"

  3. This video defines why Twitter is great. The global reach and friendships that are formed make it an important part of society. An important part which 98% of people just don't understand. I hope this goes viral for you. Well done!

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