Helvellyn – A Mountain with Fun and Thrills


The English Lake District, full of Mountains, Lakes and history.  A place that I happily stay for days hiking and climbing.  Within it is one of my favourite mountains…. Helvellyn.

I never tire of climbing this, a prime example of how altitude does not necessarily make a great walk or climb.  You can have more fun and sights here than many a mountain elsewhere that is twice as high.

You ‘could’ take the back way up, from Thirlmere Reservoir, a steep slog that gets to the top but largely less romantic.  However, for me, there is only one way….. via Striding edge.

Starting in Glenridding near the banks of Ullswater you gradually rise out of the ferns and make your way up the side of a glorious valley until you come to Striding Edge.  Nothing that requires ropes, but still a great walk over, especially so if you want the thrill of strolling along the very top of the edge itself with its steep drops on either side.  Steady head and feet and all is well.  Get across and all you need to do is scramble to the top where you stand and admire (on a clear day) the view over the Lake District itself. Magnificent!
I have lost count how many times I am drawn back there and I use this for most of the Tweetup and Climbs.  This photo slideshow will hopefully show what I mean about the views and Striding Edge, plus you will see some of the wonderful Tweeters that have joined me on some trips…


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  1. Excellent post.

    I did this as a boy scout when I was 11. The first big hike I’d ever I remember being exhausted and scared to death. Amazing views thoughs. Would like to go back one day.

  2. I've never been in this mountain but I'am looking forward to have hiking and adventure together with my team. I was amaze by the pictures and the video as well. What are the necessary requirements when you hike in this area? Is their hunting opportunities inn the top?..:)

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